This page describes the concept NWWC. Mainly NWWC are events held at our house and private garden, with friends.

Registration required. Email me at hkj @ kramse.o r g if you want to join.

The setting is much like BornHack but smaller of course. Code of conduct from Bornhack applies!


We are planning the following events:

NWWC-KEA-MAY15 - May Sunday 15. 10:00 until 22:00 - changed into a single day, hackerdag. AT KEA Frederikkevej 8-10, Hellerup -- let me know in advance if coming.

NWWC-KEA-MAY21 - May Saturday 21. 10:00 until 22:00 - changed into a single day, hackerdag. AT KEA Frederikkevej 8-10, Hellerup -- let me know in advance if coming.

I start the build-up in the morning and you are welcome to join around 10:00 +/- 1 hour is ok. When we finish I will ask you to pack up and leave in good order :-D.

Registration needed, also if you just want to join a few hours!

What is it

An open space for people to be more social when hacking on whatever project they want. I typically work on projects that require more setup and focus than is available during daytime in normal work weeks.

Consider it an extended garden party where it is okay to bring your laptop, so you can hack and discuss tech while drinking tea, coffee, soda, beers, water, vodka and eating snacks!


House is at Frederikkevej 8-10, Hellerup There. is room for parking.


It resembles a temporary hackerspace where you can sit and hack around the clock, and sometimes the best time is at night when everyone is focused on something and you see the glow from the laptops onto smiling faces.

Fiber IPv4 only with Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Normal danish power 230V - moderate power available.

Other stuff, like Pets and kids


I work in network and security, both subjects that I find interesting. Both of these have new developments, new tools. Some which require effort to learn.

Sitting together accellerate learning, as you can ask a group of people at once, who know a good DNS library, and how to X. Quite often someone will know the answer.

Helping others, while learning a lot yourself.

So my projects often involve setting up a small infrastructure with networking, 10Gbit, firewalls, routing and routers - and then do some experiments.

I have a wide range of equipment like Juniper SRX, OpenBSD PF, Linux devices, Raspberry Pi's, switches, access-points etc. Ask me before you bring something heavy, I might have it already. :-D

My Keywords

Ethernet, Layer2, Layer3, SNMP, OSPF, BGP, firewalls, routers, switches, syslog, ACL, security, denial of service, syn flooding, Kali Linux, Nmap, portscan, Kibana, Elasticsearch, Suricata, Zeek, Metasploit, 802.1q, 802.11, 802.1x, STP, BPDU guard, IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv6, NTP, Cisco IOS, 802.3ad, Junos, DDoS, pktgen, t50, hping, Kali Linux, ARM, FPGA, Netflow, Netconf, burgers, beer, danish hygge